Mineral  & Mehndi artist

Hellow for me it is a pleasure to introduce myself with love through this beautiful experience of painting art of love in consciousness representing the mother earth and the cultures of beautiful countries​.

My name is Ingrid, born in the beautiful country of Mexico ...

I will tell you the fantastic story of why I ended up working on what I like to do. My life began working for years In the beautiful mexican caribbean training dolphins, a beautiful life experience to share with so magical beings of light.

The life of a trainer is difficult to see that the animals are in captivity. I finish my career in UAE Dubai. A dolphin shared that the only way to be happy was to follow my heart and be free.

In this way i discovered the magic of my inner power wich gave me the opportunity to invent a technique to share the sacred soul painting with brightness and reflection showing the beauty of our nature.

We are conscious beings to stay forever in the history and evolution of energy and love...

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